Deportation Defense Attorney in Fairfax

Aggressive Defense During Removal Hearings

As an immigrant, the worst situation that you can face is deportation and removal. Anyone who is in the United States on a nonimmigrant visa or a green card must be sure to avoid committing any crimes involving moral turpitude and must never overstay the terms of the visa. If you get into trouble with the law as an immigrant, or if you stay longer than your visa allows, you may be detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). You will be placed in immigration detention until your trial, at which time it will be decided whether you will be removed or allowed to stay.

Langone & Fasullo, PLLC has extensive experience in immigration defense and litigation. A Fairfax lawyer from our firm can help you obtain an immigration bond to release you or your loved one from ICE detention. We also represent immigrants during removal hearings, providing the skilled and relentless defense that they need in order to avoid deportation. You have worked hard to get here, and we will give our all to ensure that you are not wrongfully deported. Your best interests are our main concern, and we will help you to pursue and achieve your American dream.

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Our firm has experience handling all types of immigration cases, from family visas and work visas to naturalization and citizenship. Request your free case evaluation today to speak directly with a lawyer to discuss your case. We can begin on your defense immediately in order to prove that there are insufficient grounds to remove you from the country. Attorney Anthony Fasullo is a seasoned immigration lawyer and speaks both English and Spanish. We are more than capable of handling your immigration defense case, so contact us right away! Hablamos español.