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Complex Divorces for Service Men & Women

At Langone & Fasullo, PLLC, we understand that the demands of military life can cause you and your spouse to grow apart. If you are seeking a military divorce, however, you should know that you can face more complexities than a civilian couple who files for divorce.

Are you and your spouse from one state? Were you married in another state? Are you living in a third state but have property in a fourth state? Don’t deal with the headache of a military divorce alone. If you are considering filing, it is important to retain the representation of skilled and experienced divorce attorneys. Our firm has nearly 30 years of combined experience and is prepared to help you.

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Military Divorce Laws in Virginia

To file for divorce in Virginia, you and your spouse must reside in Virginia or be stationed in Virginia. If you serve your spouse while he or she is on active duty, divorce proceedings can be postponed for the entire time your spouse is on duty and for up to 60 days thereafter.

There are additional regulations and circumstances that make military divorces more complex:

  • The Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act
  • The Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act, 50 UCS section 521
  • Overseas deployment
  • Determining custody and visitation of your children

You may not be entitled to military retirement benefits after divorcing a serviceman, unless you have been married for 10 years or longer while your spouse was in active duty. Further, alimony and child support may not exceed 60% of a serviceman’s pay and allowances.

Legal Support for Complex Cases

Our divorce attorneys can talk you through the aspects of a military divorce, from how property will be divided to how much, if anything, you could be expected to pay your ex-spouse. At Langone & Fasullo, PLLC, we have nearly 30 years of combined experience to assist you with your case.

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