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How a Domestic Violence Charge Can Impact Your Divorce

Domestic violence is physical force or threat of force against a current or former spouse, child, parent, partner, or other household or family member. An accusation of domestic violence can include emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, stalking, financial abuse, intimidating threats, or coercion.

How do Domestic Violence Allegations Affect You?

Domestic violence accusations have serious ramifications on divorce proceedings, especially in cases where children are involved. Before awarding custody, a court will consider the child’s emotional and physical best interests, including parental stability and home environment.

In most cases, supervised visitation can be granted. In some extreme cases, however, a pattern of domestic abuse can result in an individual having his or her parental rights terminated completely.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you can be served with a restraining order or a permanent protective order. This may result in the following:

These factors are only involved in civil proceedings. You could also face criminal charges of domestic violence, which can additional severe penalties or even jail time.

You Have Rights

In many cases, individuals can abuse the laws against domestic violence in order to leverage divorce proceedings in their favor. Whether you have been accused of domestic violence or you face abuse from your spouse, the legal team at Langone & Fasullo, PLLC may be able to fight for your rights in a divorce proceeding. Let us help protect your livelihood and your future.

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