Fairfax Green Card Lawyer

How to Become a Lawful Permanent Resident

Many individuals who want to immigrate to the United States want to do so permanently. Immigrant visas, which are also known as "green cards," are in extremely high demand. Many nonimmigrant visa holders, such as immigrants who are in the U.S. on work visas or student visas, may also decide that they want to change their status to that of a permanent resident.

The process of becoming a permanent resident is a difficult and lengthy one, but with the counsel and guidance of a Fairfax attorney from Langone & Fasullo, PLLC, you can receive your green card as quickly as possible.

Green Cards Through Work or Family

Because green cards are in such high demand, the waiting list can be months or years long depending on the country from which you are immigrating. By speaking with a Fairfax immigration lawyer, you can learn about your many options and paths to becoming a green card holder. You might benefit from entering on a work visa first and then changing your status because sponsorship by a U.S. employer can often get you into the country faster.

You could also be sponsored by a family member who is a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident and enter on a nonimmigrant family visa before changing your status to that of a permanent resident. Family sponsorship gives you preference over people who are applying for a green card without sponsorship. Our firm can help you decide which course of action is best for you.

Hire an Immigration Attorney in Fairfax

No one should face the complex immigration process without professional support and guidance. Langone & Fasullo, PLLC can help you throughout your immigration process in order to ensure that you take all the necessary steps. We can help you avoid making any mistakes that could delay your visa and can also help you find the quickest means of obtaining a green card. Our lawyers share nearly 30 years of combined experience, and Attorney Anthony Fasullo is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, so we are more than qualified to handle your case. Contact us as soon as possible!