Fairfax Creditor Harassment Lawyer

Stop Harassing Calls & Letters from Your Creditors

Credit can be a useful tool that helps you get a house, a car, and other necessities of life. Credit can also be devastating, however, when not used wisely or when an unexpected emergency causes someone to fall into an unmanageable amount of debt. One of the most stressful parts of being in debt is the harassment from creditors.

Once a consumer falls behind on monthly payments, even by only one month, creditors will start sending letters and eventually make phone calls reminding the consumer that he or she has defaulted. These letters and calls can escalate to harassment unless something is done to stop it.

Consumer Rights Under the FDCPA

Langone & Fasullo, PLLC can provide a Fairfax attorney to help you stop creditor harassment. As a consumer, you have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Your creditor may not:

  • Cause your phone to ring endlessly
  • Call you at inappropriate hours or locations
  • Use an automated system to contact you on your cell phone
  • Use profanity or threats
  • Post your information on a blacklist
  • Fail to state who they are and why they're calling

Debt Relief Options

There are multiple ways to stop creditor harassment. The first is to catch up on your payments, which could be achieved by pursuing credit counseling and establishing a budget. If it is not possible for you to catch up, you can also send a written request to your creditors asking them stop calling or sending letters. The law requires them to honor your request, although you will still be required to repay the debt.

Some lenders may be amenable to debt negotiation or debt settlement. Bankruptcy is another option to stop harassment. Filing for bankruptcy places an automatic stay on all collection actions and will stop your creditors from calling or sending letters. You will also be able to have eligible debts discharged so that you can get a fresh start.

Find a Bankruptcy Attorney in Fairfax, VA

Langone & Fasullo, PLLC is experienced in all types of bankruptcy cases and litigation. We can represent you as you deal with your creditors and we can protect your consumer rights. You should not have to suffer from the stress that comes with unfair creditor harassment. A Fairfax bankruptcy lawyer from our firm can answer any questions that you have and can guide you step by step through the bankruptcy process.

Attorney Joseph Langone is a member of the Northern Virginia Bankruptcy Bar Association and will always put your best interests first. Our firm is honest and will always provide you with all relevant information and options before moving forward with your case. We can help you find relief from your overwhelming debts. Contact us today!