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No one ever hopes to file for bankruptcy. In fact, the idea of bankruptcy is taboo to many people due to the misconception that bankruptcy is a bad thing. At Langone & Fasullo, PLLC, we know the truth. Bankruptcy is not at all a bad thing but was actually designed by the U.S. government to be a way out for people who are unable to repay their overwhelming debts. We can counsel you and help you realize exactly how beneficial bankruptcy can be for your financial future.

Langone & Fasullo, PLLC has nearly 30 years of combined experience and has helped countless Fairfax residents find relief from their crushing debts. By filing for bankruptcy, you can have some or all of your debts discharged, and all the stress and worry that came with them will be lifted from your shoulders. Attorney Joseph Langone is highly experienced in bankruptcy litigation, including individual Chapter 11 cases, and he is a member of the Northern Virginia Bankruptcy Bar Association. Our firm is more than qualified to handle your bankruptcy case.

Bankruptcy Practice Areas

As a consumer, there are two types of bankruptcy that may be available to you. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is for individuals who have little to no disposable income as determined by the means test. Under this chapter, the person's nonexempt assets and property will be liquidated and used to repay their debts before the remaining debt is discharged. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows an individual to keep his or her assets and property, but he or she must continue making payments for the next 3 - 5 years before any remaining debt is forgiven. Our firm also handles Chapter 11 business and individual bankruptcy cases for small business owners and consumers with extensive amounts of secured or unsecured debt.

Our firm also provides capable representation in defense cases. We can help you stop creditor harassment and wage garnishment, either through bankruptcy or by proving that your creditor violated your consumer rights. If your home is about to be repossessed because of your mortgage default, we can provide effective foreclosure defense. Bankruptcy can place an automatic stay on foreclosure and will have much less of an impact on your credit score over the years than foreclosure can have. Our firm can help you determine which option is right for you.

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If you are looking for a skilled Fairfax attorney to counsel you and help you resolve your debt issues, Langone & Fasullo, PLLC is the excellent choice. We have helped countless clients find relief from overwhelming debt and get a fresh financial start. Our firm offers a free case evaluation, so you have nothing to lose by speaking with a lawyer from our firm as soon as possible. Contact us to get started!